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What science says about CBD skincare

We’re still discovering everything CBD can do, but research suggests it may keep various bodily systems at an even keel, including our skin—which may have an endocannabinoid system of its own, according to 2009 analysis published in Trends in Pharmacological Sciences.

While there are still many more studies that need to be conducted, so far, science has revealed the following about CBD and skin:


A pesky problem that many people might try to combat with CBD skincare is acne, the cause of which is largely hormonal. While hormones are hard to predict and control, CBD can be helpful as an inflammation fighter that assists with redness and swelling.

A 2014 study found that CBD did, in fact, “help normalize a pro-acne agent” and “inhibit the unwanted growth of sebocytes.” In more common language, it helps your skin keep calm and carry on.


Perhaps the most promising possible use of CBD is CBD as an anti-inflammatory agent. Since many skincare issues are rooted in inflammation, finding products that help with topical inflammation could be vital to maintaining healthy skin.

One study examined the use of CBD for inflammation under and over the skin, including the use of CBD for conditions like arthritis. Featured in Nature Reviews Immunology , the study found that applying sufficiently bioavailable amounts of transdermal CBD can help with inflammation that we can’t see.

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